Call Of Duty Mobile Note 10 Controller

Using a controller for Call of Duty Mobile on Note 10 is a game changer. These types of accessories can turn your phone into a mini gaming console. COD Mobile is also a lot better when you don't have to constantly finger tap. This is exactly where the Mobicon comes in. Before you we get into the benefits to using this controller you can see some live game play below from our friends at Fliptroniks.


The Mobicon has an extended insert design for placing your phone into. It can fit any sized phone from 4.7 to 6.7 inches. It has dual joy sticks that are great for gripping, and feel nice to hold with a smooth matte finish. You can also keep whatever case you have on your phone while using this controller.


If your looking for a solid Call of Duty Mobile Note 10 controller connecting it is very easy. You will need to download an app called V3, and then connect it via blue-tooth. Once connected it will stay connected until you decide to unpair it. The Mobicon also has a long lasting battery life of over 12 plus hours.


While this game will optimize great with COD Mobile it also works for other games as well. You currently use it for PUB, Fortnite, NBA 2K20 and more. These games are automatically key mapped to work with the Mobicon.


If your a hardcore mobile gamer you won't be disappointed with the Mobicon. Its a great Galaxy Note 10 Call of Duty Mobile Controller, and will also work with a handful of other games.